Thank you for wanting to know more about getting a shoot with me.


If you have a budget please reach out to me and we can see what we can work out for you.

An hour is $50 and $10 for each digital you choose. 

Group price up to 25 digitals  is $150.

For all of the digitals is $250.

Always bring a thumb drive or cd for me to download the photos to once we are done.

The time we take to go over the photos is included in this cost.

I can have hard copies created for you if we discuss it ahead of time and cost will have to be arranged to allow for that.


A studio shoot is normally an hour and that includes the time we take to sit down and look at the photos.

I do not provide make up or hair but I can give you some guidance on what will work with the lighting and I always take some sample shots that you will be able to look at and make sure you are happy with them.   You may bring whoever you need to support you as long as they do not get in the way of the process of taking the photos. If they cause distractions that effect the quality of the shoot they will be asked to wait outside.  I limit it to 2 extra people. (who are not part of the shoot)

My location has mirrors and changing room/bathrooms.  I start on time.

When you book the shoot we will discuss what you are looking for and how many changes or props you may need to bring.

As far as groups,  I can fit up to 10 people in one shot.


My location has an easy parking lot and area where can walk your dog/s when you arrive.

I encourage you to come down and check out the environment before bringing your pets down.

THERE IS NO RUSH when taking shoots with pets.  Give them time to settle in before expecting them to be “perfect.”

As a photographer,  I am a firm believer, 


While looking at the photos when we are done,  your pet is welcome to stay providing they are well behaved, otherwise I ask you bring down a crate for them, or return them to the car.


If it is within in 30 minutes of East Greenbush there is no travel fee. I am willing to travel as far as needed as long as travel costs and accommodations are covered.

The time starts when I arrive and set up and stops when we have finished shooting at the last location.  The time taken to sit down and look at the photos is included.

When planning a location shoot you will need to have some flexibility and if you are choosing the place, do some research.

Things that have to be considered are; time of day for lighting, legalities of being there,  how busy it is with people or activity and places where you can change or do makeup if needed. And of course,  weather.

Often, on a location shoot, you need to be willing to “rough it,” when it comes to keeping clothes clean and being able to change and do make up on the fly.

If you are set on a certain location,  I a fine with that,  but should the location not lend itself to a successful shoot you are still responsible for cost of the shoot.

But as always, I will always do sample shots so you will know up front if you need a different location.

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